12 tips - how not to kill your laptop.

We don’t always think about whether we handle our laptop properly. However, some little things can not only affect the speed of his work, but also lead to damage.

12 tips - how not to kill your laptop.

12 tips - how not to kill your laptop.

We don’t always think about whether we handle our laptop properly. However, some little things can not only affect the speed of his work, but also lead to damage.

Check yourself and find out if your everyday manipulations with the laptop are so harmless.

1. Do not keep the laptop charging constantly

Modern laptop models use lithium-ion batteries, so technically, you cannot charge the battery too much. But the controller that protects the battery from overcharging can deteriorate, and excessive charge will lead to overheating and damage to the battery.

2. Do not hold the laptop on your lap

Although the name of the laptop comes from the word “knees” (English lap - knees, laptop - laptop), you should not keep it on them. This can block the ventilation openings and cause overheating.

3. Do not open the laptop by holding the screen around the corner

Since the laptop screen is very fragile, so you can not lift the device while holding on to it. It is also worthwhile to set up and raise the cover with caution. Usually we adjust the screen by holding it at one of the top corners. The other remains stationary and, in fact, you simply bend the screen. To make your laptop last longer, adjust the screen by holding it by the middle of the frame.

4. Do not make unnecessary movements

If your laptop does not have an SSD drive, but a mechanical hard drive, try to use it more carefully while working with programs that access the hard drive. Its parts are mobile, and when you shake or sharply move the laptop, it can interfere with their work and lead to data loss.

5. Do not work with laptop near pets

Do not encourage the habit of pets lying next to a laptop. And moreover, do not let cats or dogs sit on the device. Pets are attracted to the heat of a working laptop, but their hair can get into the ventilation openings or clog internal fans. As a result, this will lead to overheating and deterioration of the operation of your device. Cockroaches and ants that have climbed inside can also harm him. So finish eating behind a laptop - crumbs can attract insects.

6. Do not twist the wires

Laptop charging wires can only withstand a lot of twisting and bending at first glance, but they are much more fragile than it seems. Laptops should be mobile for their intended purpose, so the wires are made light and thin. Do not wind wires around other objects, especially if they have sharp edges or corners. Do not leave them hanging in the air when charging the laptop: this weakens the connector and may lead to charging problems in the future.

7. Do not place the laptop near other electrical appliances and magnets.

A conventional hard drive uses a magnetic system to store information. The proximity of the laptop to magnets or other electrical devices can cause magnetic interference. And this leads to data corruption or loss, so keep your laptop away from these items.

8. Do not pull out the power cord

Even if you are in a hurry, try to carefully pull out the power cord. Sudden movements can damage the connector and the cord itself, and this can cause problems with charging the laptop

9. Do not neglect the cover

The laptop case and bag should be soft and free of hard corners and parts. The internal details of the device are sensitive to shaking and bumps, so just carrying a laptop in a backpack with other things is not a good idea.

10. Do not press the screen when cleaning

We know that you cannot clean the laptop screen with water and ordinary cloth. But even if you use a special lint-free cloth and liquid, do not overdo it - the screens are very thin, so you do not need to put pressure on them.

11. Do not keep the laptop on all the time.

If you work on a laptop a couple of hours a day, you should not always keep it turned on. During continuous operation, the hard drive and cooling system wear out first. If you use the device several times during the day, just put it into sleep mode.

12. Do not place drinks cups on the laptop

We often drink tea or coffee while working on a laptop. But a hot tea mug can hurt even if you don’t spill anything. Do not place a cup of hot drink on the closed lid of your laptop - this may ruin the screen matrix. And especially, do not put a mug on an open laptop: we all know how spilled liquid is dangerous for gadgets.

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