Backup software

The service of data recovery from a hard drive or data recovery from an ssd is required in our service, so we decided to talk about backup software in this article.

Backup software

Backup software

The service of data recovery from a hard drive or data recovery from an ssd is required in our service, so we decided to talk about backup software in this article.

Loss of data on the laptop can occur due to faulty operation of hardware or software, careless use of the device, virus infection, if you accidentally delete or format important data, etc.

The risk of data loss can be reduced by backing up important data. Backing up information can be carried out both manually by transferring it to any medium, and with the help of professional programs. They will simplify the process and with minimal time and effort will help to create a backup.

If you're still not backing up all your important documents, videos, photos, music, and other files from your PC, then it's time to pick up backup software.

Backups can be divided into two categories: file backups and system backups (also known as system images). File backups create copies of individual files, system backups create copies of your entire operating system. System backups are much larger than file backups.

This review will help you get acquainted with the most common, easy-to-use and, importantly, free programs for data backup. Many utilities have paid analogues with additional functions.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo Backup and Recovery software is a version of the Linux boot loader that includes window and console applications for backup, hard drive partition recovery, and other operations. Windows users will also need the Redo software package, because it boots from an external media and understands all file systems.

The interface is English, but not difficult. In the interface of the main module there are 2 icons: the first - to copy the hard disk, the second - to restore it. You can burn a disk image to either the original partition or another partition.

In addition to the main utility, Redo includes the following programs:

  • file manager;
  • Image viewer
  • command line;
  • text editor;
  • Browser.

Redo is able not only to restore the entire disk using a pre-recorded image, it has console applications for fine work with the hard drive.

EASEUS Todo Backup

The multifunctional EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the best programs for windows system backup and recovery. Backup comes in three different versions (full, differential and incremental). The image contains an option to create a Linux-based boot disk. Although the software allows users to schedule and run custom backups at any time, by default it performs a full backup every week and a differential backup every half hour in case any changes are detected in the system. For added security, the software allows you to encrypt complete system images that can be compressed at a fairly high level to take up less disk space.

EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to even back up Android devices. You can also split large disk images into smaller segments, and set passwords to protect your data from surveillance by any outsider. Another interesting feature is the Image Reserve option, which allows users to delete or merge old system images to help save disk space. An important feature in its free version of EaseUS Todo Backup is the ability to clone the system drive to move the Windows installation to another hard drive or SSD.

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a completely free service modified for regular data backup in Windows. Cobian does not create bootable disks, but you can set up automatic copying of the necessary folders. There is an FTP upload. You can choose to back up with or without compression, the first option involves an additional load on the hardware.

Aomei Backupper

This is a comprehensive, simple and effective program for backing up laptops with Windows OS. You can easily choose what to copy, how to copy, and where to copy. The interface of the program is multilingual, functional and available to a wide range of users.

The peculiarity of this utility is the support of Microsoft technology - VSS, which allows you to perform the backup process without closing the running applications, which is very convenient, as a backup copy can be created while working on the PC.

The functions of the software include the restoration of Windows disks, partitions, individual files. You can do full, incremental, differential copying; run a Windows backup; choose the degree of compression of copies (zero, medium, high). It is possible to clone disks / partitions, synchronize files.

Macrium Reflect

The Reflect application is a popular tool for migrating Windows from an HDD to an SSD. Conveniently implemented the function of creating a system image. Macrium Reflect has a simple user interface in English with a professional appearance. Working with the menu, you will get access to all the functions of the program, you can access the function of creating disk images, partitions, set backups on schedule, etc.

With the help of the program you can create backups and burn them to local, network, USB disks, the program supports burning to DVD of all formats.

By default, the program offers an average level of data compression. After the backup is complete, the resulting disk image is visible in the Restore tab, you can copy the necessary files from it.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

The intuitive interface of the program will allow you to easily back up the data of computers that work under macOS and custom versions of Windows. Backing up windows server with paragon software will not work. The functionality of the program includes the creation of a disk image for system recovery and backup, which can be performed with a given periodicity: daily, monthly, by event. The software allows users to save backup copies of the images in a variety of formats, including a Microsoft PC image file (VHD), a VMWare image file (VMDK) and a PVHD image file.

3 types of backup are available: full, incremental, differential. The choice depends on the desired backup speed, the availability of free megabytes and other factors.

You can select the backup storage period. By default, data is stored until it is deleted by the user. In addition, the level of compression of archives is configured, it is possible to set a password. You can back up all the disks of the PC, divide the backup into parts.

BackUp Maker

To configure folder backup in Windows, you can use the free version of the BackUp Maker tool with a simple and logical Russian-language interface.

BackUp Maker supports many convenient additional functions, for example, you can configure the program once to automatically perform backups. After setting up the backup, the program in the background with the desired frequency will create copies in zip format.

The utility will allow partial backups, which will save space when performing this task. The program has a lot of tinctures of the filter.

BackUp Maker has a built-in driver that will allow you to copy data directly to a CD or DVD. It supports FTP, so it is possible to upload your copies to the server, works with a powerful encryption algorithm AES-256 bit.

Action Backup

Easy to use with good functionality., the Action program organizes an automated backup of the necessary files. Jobs are configured similarly to BackUp Maker. Here we have the possibility of multiple copying (duplication) of backup copies to various storage media: local (external) hard drives, remote network resources, FTP servers, as well as NAS-storage. It is possible to organize backup of files from many PCs in the local network, using only one copy of the program.

In prog, fine-grained archiving settings are made: you can skip system files, not compress videos, etc. You can set options for deleting obsolete copies: delete them after a specified number of days or weeks; or clean the hard drive when there is little space on it.

There are settings for deleting archives: before recording a new one or after. A choice of compression degree, type of copying is available. Proga is fully Russified, it has a tree reference with screenshots. It works in the background, all actions and results of copying are in plain sight.

DriveImage XML

The program is interesting with the possibility of shadow copying of sections and writing a backup to the xml format. Features of the utility:

  • Burn disk images and individual selected partitions.
  • Restore disk images. The operation is possible without restarting Windows.
  • Disk cloning.
  • View an image, search for, and extract files from it.

DriveImage XML does not know how to do differentiated copying, you can only overwrite everything again. But the developer took seriously to ensuring security when performing operations related to the possible loss of information. In some cases, in order to continue work, you need to enter the key specified in the warning message.

We recommend that you systematically back up valuable information so that in the event of a breakdown of the laptop or its hard drive itself, you would not have to lose a single gigabyte of personal information.

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