Top 5 free browser ad blocking software

Almost every site offers us something to buy or install, and often the Internet knows about our needs, analyzing search queries. We think that everyone reading this article is tired of seeing ads on the Internet, is tired of spending time downloading unnecessary, and sometimes harmful, advertising elements, and consuming Internet traffic intensively.

Top 5 free browser ad blocking software

Top 5 free browser ad blocking software

To ensure comfortable use of the Internet without annoying advertising, to protect adblocker, an ad blocker, will help you from advertising banners, animations and various pop-ups, video ads on YouTube and other popular video hosting sites. We bring to your attention the Top 5 special programs and browser extensions for blocking ads on the Internet.


Is the best option for getting rid of annoying pop-up ads, protection from online tracking and fraudulent sites. This program runs on Windows, OS X, Android, and Linux. The utility blocks ads, pop-ups.
Adgvard works at the network level and is not subject to various browser restrictions. In addition, an ad blocker is able to limit the collection of statistical data by various sites, hide unnecessary buttons of social networks, protect the user from scammers, viruses, etc.
Features of the Adguard program:

  • Cosmetic processing of the page (hides blocked and broken elements);
  • Filtering HTML code (increases the speed of loading a web page, provides traffic savings, saves personal data);
  • Works in the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex Browser);
  • Checks network requests based on phishing, malicious sites;
  • Blocker works well against video ads on YouTube;
  • Filtering different types of advertising in applications (Skype, uTorrent, etc.);
  • There is a version of Adguard Content Blocker for mobile devices, and it can not only disable ads in browsers such as Google Chrome or Yandex Browser - an ad unit is implemented directly in the installed applications.

The Adguard blocking program uses various components and functions in its arsenal: anti-banner, anti-phishing, anti-tracking, parental control, password protection, browser extension, secure search, etc. The program can be downloaded for free.
The disadvantage of the Adblock program is that it works with advertisers to skip certain ads. Optionally, you can add these ads to your own filter list.

AdBlock Plus

Is an ad blocking program for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex.Browser. A pop-up blocker is used as a browser add-on. Adblock Plus is effective against viral advertising, although it does not work as an antivirus or antispam. The extension guarantees comfortable surfing, speeds up the loading of content in the browser. Contains advanced settings for advanced users.
Key Features of AdBlock Plus:

  • Blocking malicious sites, banners, surveillance;
  • Blocking pop-up ads on web browser pages;
  • Prohibitions of advertising in video (+ facebook and YouTube);
  • To support sites, acceptable advertising is not blocked (unobtrusive);
  • The blocking utility is installed as a program for the operating system or as an extension of ad blocking for browsers.

AdBlock Plus is the most popular browser extension. The blocking program does not collect personal data, deletes any types of advertising on the most popular and most visited sites. Adblock guarantees traffic savings, controls and increases the page loading speed, ensures normal operation on the Internet.
The harmful elements of the site will be blocked, the ban on spam advertising banners has been implemented.
The free AdBlock Plus extension is installed in the upper right corner of the browser. At any time, you can unlock the site you want or disable the blocker if the resource, for example, does not show the page while the anti-advertisement is activated.


is a useful utility to effectively deal with different types of annoying and annoying ads. Protects against penetration of toolbars and add-ons on PCs when installing applications taken from the Internet.
AdwCleaner scans the computer for the presence of potentially dangerous software and writes the results of the “study” in a txt document. This way of working helps to identify malicious files and registry keys that need to be excluded.
Features AdwCleaner:

  • Fast PC scan;
  • Detects unwanted objects that can "take hold" of the computer;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Blocking browser pop-ups;
  • Removes annoying toolbars;
  • Removes unwanted plugins, add-ons and browser extensions;
  • A good ad blocker;
  • Improves PC security.

AdwCleaner, recognizing unwanted files and annoying ads, conducts the process of removing found threats, which will finally end with a reboot of the system. It cannot be undone, so close all applications before working with Advkliner
The utility is used by specialists to clean the system from various ADs, additional extensions for remotely changing browser settings and similar malicious objects.

Ad Muncher

Is a modern and powerful ad blocking program. A free utility running on Windows. This program also blocks banners, pop-ups and various harmful and unpleasant objects on the web page.
The software is designed to work with all popular browsers. The utility installs browser extensions and controls their operation on the network.
Special Features of Ad Muncher:

  • Monitoring and filtering of open websites;
  • Protection against pop-up ads;
  • Removes background sounds and music on sites;
  • Integrates into the context menu of browsers;
  • Adds filters by keywords or addresses (black list);
  • Includes advanced processing capabilities of some programs (ICQ, LimeWire, etc.);
  • Detects malware for advertisements, etc .;
  • Prevents browsers from sending information to servers and blocks Web bug.

Also, after installing this package, web pages load faster, the program guarantees traffic savings. Ad Muncher on a personal computer solves many user problems, even in addition to blocking ads.


Is characterized by speed, minimal system requirements, which completely eliminates the load on the graphics and the central processor. uBlock allows the user to filter resources on which to block ads, and whitelist resources that are safe and advertising does not interfere. The program is distributed absolutely free.
Features of the uBlock program:

  • Automatic update;
  • Quick removal of ad units and pop-ups;
  • Minimum system requirements;
  • The interface is completely in Russian;
  • When using the program, there are no conflicts with other applications.

After installation, this application is located in the upper right corner of the browser. In the process of its work, you can view statistics: how many advertising banners, windows and links are blocked on the current page.
The advantage of this blocker is that it is free and requires very little memory.

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