Why do you need to clean your laptop from dust?

The laptop has become an indispensable item for a modern person for work, communication and recreation. But it happens that an almost new or serviceable laptop starts to slow down, freeze, and sometimes turn off spontaneously. The manifestation of such a symptom indicates a high probability of overheating of the processor. A heatsink clogged with dust impairs heat dissipation and leads to overheating of the north bridges and the processor, which is the reason for their failure.

Why do you need to clean your laptop from dust?

Why do you need to clean your laptop from dust?

Laptop has become an indispensable subject of modern man for work, communication and recreation. But it happens that almost a new or serviceable laptop begins to brake, hang, and sometimes spontaneously disconnect. The manifestation of such a symptom indicates with a high probability of overheating of the processor. The dust-clogged radiator degrades heat and overheats the northern bridges and processor, which is the reason for their failure.

The failure of all laptop nodes and maintaining maximum performance are only possible when the temperature is observed. Adjusts the temperature inside the laptop cooling system, consisting of fans and special holes in the case.

Most often, the holes are located on the bottom of the case. Therefore, manufacturers do not recommend users to put a working laptop on the carpet or knees, as it often cuts off air access to the cooling system.

The most heated elements are cooled by the air passing through the radiator. However, in the process of running the air exchange inside the body of the laptop penetrates dust. The radiator is clogged over time and the heat exchange falls significantly. When the processor, graphics card, or motherboard overheats, BGA contacts, which affect the speed of transmission of your laptop's data, deteriorate significantly. At worst, these items just fail and the laptop stops working.

During the operation, the laptop gets a lot of dust, food particles, hair, animal hair, which settle on the blades of the fan and between the ribs of the cooling radiator. These pollutants accumulate, compact and form a layer resembling felt, so called "valenok".

If you don't clean your laptop inside in time, this dust becomes a barrier to airflow and the cooling system stops working. When the temperature rises above acceptable values, the protective mechanisms are turned on, so that the overheating devices go into gentle mode of operation or even disconnected. When overheating becomes critical, the device usually shuts down completely. Thus, ordinary dust can cause malfunctions and lead to serious breakdown if it is not cleaned in a timely manner.

Why laptop overheating is dangerous

Even if the laptop does not turn off when the temperature inside the device rises above 80 degrees Celsius, its operation in this mode will still result in a loss of performance and failure of certain components. For example, a cooler that works with constant overloads can be worn quickly, and its replacement will cost more than cleaning the gadget and replacing the thermopast.

The operation of the laptop, without timely cleaning of the cooling system, leads to the rapid wear of key chips: northern and southern bridges, graphics cards, chipset, etc. Replacing these components will cost much more than preventive cleaning.

When do you need to clean your laptop?

Determine that you need to clean your laptop you can on several signs:

  • Strong overheating of the device - in normal operation, the temperature of the laptop is stable to remain several degrees above the room;
  • The laptop makes a lot of noise when working - contaminated fans can't work at full strength and make noise;
  • The speed and performance of the laptop has been significantly reduced.
  • or if it doesn't turn on at all.

How often do you need to clean your laptop from the dust inside?

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the cooling system at intervals from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the conditions of operation of the laptop.

Cleaning the laptop should be done once every six months if there are pets in the house, a laptop is used by a child or if the conditions of operation of the device are associated with dusty air.

But if you notice changes in the device (fast heating, slowness, cooler noise), it's time to ask for the prevention of the cooling system in the service.

How is the laptop completely cleaned of dust?

Comprehensive cleaning of the laptop from dust is a professional procedure that requires a complete disassembly of the laptop. We do not recommend you to do it yourself, as the laptop is a rather complex and fragile product that requires qualified maintenance. A person without skills can accidentally damage the nodes of the device or completely disable it.

Our service center uses professional tools and completely disassembles the device performing the service of cleaning the laptop from the dust.

The cooling system (cooler and radiators) is completely cleaned, the thermopath on the processor and graphics card is replaced. The noise in the cooler is eliminated by smearing its engine. A test load check is made.

The procedure of cleaning the laptop is not only to remove dust from it, but also an equally important step - the replacement of the thermal paste. Over time, the thermopath loses its properties and can no longer perform the heat-draining function properly.

Manual cleaning of the laptop from dust, which is carried out in our service, is quite a laborious process using various brushes, materials and tools, performed by hand, with almost no use of machines except the initial cleaning of the industrial vacuum cleaner of the most powerful pollution.

Engineers of our service recommend cleaning the laptop at least once a year. Carefully choose a service or a specialist, preferably proven, with good work experience and not at the lowest price per service. Do not disassemble or clean the laptop yourself, not having the proper skills and experience.

Carry out preventive cleaning of any laptop, which is six months or more. This will significantly increase the life of the laptop and save in the future on expensive repairs.

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