F1Center carries out warranty and post-warranty repairs of laptops, tablets and smartphones throughout the country.

The process of free sending equipment for repair:

  1. To speed up the reception of the device for repair and to report information about the fault, we recommend filling out the pre-registration of repair form before sending the equipment.

  2. When guaranteeing the application, be sure to put in the package the original warranty card and a copy of the receipt (if any).

  3. Recipient data for the invoice when sending Nova Pochta:
    OOO «F1 Company»
    EDRPOU 38981386
    Address: Kiev, branch №6.
    Terms of payment: at the expense of the sender

  4. After receiving the package, a comprehensive diagnosis of the device is made. You are informed about the results of diagnostics, possible repair options and their cost. After coordination repair of equipment is made.

  5. The repair is paid on the invoice or on our website. Payment for the repair of cash on delivery is not provided.
    Diagnostics need to be paid only in case of failure to carry out repairs. If you agree to repair, the company pays for the diagnosis. In case of a warranty call, the customer only pays for the delivery service.

  6. After receiving the payment, the device returns to the Nova Pochta warehouse in your city in the name indicated in the form of preliminary registration of repair.

You also have the opportunity to pre-register the application, which will speed up the process of taking over for repairs and simplify further cooperation.

Attach a file in the format jpeg, png, gif:

The size of the downloaded attachments should not exceed 15Mb!

Passwords on the device, important information

Privacy policy

To ensure that your device is not accidentally damaged during transportation, we recommend that it be transported/transferred, for example, in a carrying case (laptop), or in a case (as a communicator or smartphone) or in a "manufacturer's" packing box.

If you have additional questions, you can always get a preliminary consultation in the call-center by calling 0800800018 or using feedback form.