Repair Hi-Fi/AV appliances and peripherals F1Center

In this section you can find useful information on repairing Hi-Fi/AV and peripheral equipment of world manufacturers. Also you can get acquainted with the list of brands, repair of which we carry out.

Repairing Hi-Fi\AV Technicians in F1Center

F1Center conducts repair of amplifiers, receivers, players, automotive systems and other equipment at the highest level of quality. If there are problems in the correct operation of your equipment, please contact our service center. Engineers of the company F1 will carry out quality repairs and restore the operation of the devices in the optimal time.

Repair of equipment Optoma

Optoma is the world leader in the design and manufacture of projectors. High quality repair and maintenance of Optoma projectors can be carried out at the F1 service center.

You can turn in the equipment for repair personally in the Customer Service Center or send it to us using the courier service "Nova Poshta".

Repair of equipment DENON

F1Center is repairing audio equipment and acoustics Denon. Qualitative repair provides a large technical base in the company F1, and a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers works to improve the production processes.

Repair of equipment Yamaha

The service center F1 will help restore Yamaha automotive acoustics performance in the shortest possible time, as the company has not only many years of experience in the market of machinery maintenance, but also constantly modernizes and improves all stages of the repair process.

List of equipment to be repaired. Post-warranty repair of Hi-Fi/AV equipment.


Simplify the repair process of Hi-Fi/AV appliances

  • To find out the cost of repair, use the form preliminary calculation of cost;
  • Create backup copies of important data for you;
  • Track the stages of repairing your device using the order status tracking form.
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