Phone repair

Professional repair of your phone in F1Center. We provide only high-quality services for repairing devices, conducting diagnostics, replacing the display, cleaning the phone and many other services for repairing equipment.

Repair of telephones in Kiev

With daily use of the smartphone, we strongly feel a drop in our efficiency in the event of a breakdown of this device. In case of occurrence of a similar situation it is desirable to address to professionals on repair of phones in Kiev. These are the specialists of F1Center. As engineers F1 are constantly provided with technical training and annual certification, you can always be assured of the services we provide. More than 10 years of the company's experience allows you to carry out repair work really effectively and high quality, and using original spare parts guarantees the durability of your phone.

Repair of smartphones OPPO

OPPO is considered one of the most trusted brands in the world of smartphones and is one of the TOP 4 best sellers. OPPO specializes in the production of camera phones to delight its consumers with breakthroughs in mobile photography.

Of course, even the highest quality equipment tends to fail, and if a similar situation happened to you, please contact F1Center. Our engineers will repair a mobile phone of any complexity as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Repair of smartphones Blackview

F1Center repairs Blackview high-tech smartphones. To put the phone in repair, you can contact one of our customer service centers in Kiev or send the device to us using the courier service "Nova Poshta".

Repair of smartphones Huawei

The availability of official spare parts, skilled engineers and well-established logistics in the service center allows repairing Huawei phones and many other brands at a really high level of quality and at the optimum time.

List of equipment to be repaired. Post-warranty repair of phones.


F1Center repairs phones in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

The most common reasons for clients' treatment:

  • repairing the power connector
  • Software device recovery;
  • replacing the display and the device case
  • replacing the power button and volume control
  • replacement of the camera, microphone;
  • replacement of the power supply, battery.