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In accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 2297 of 01.06.2010. "On the protection of personal data" created this confidentiality agreement, regulating legal relations related to the collection, processing, storage of personal data, as well as the right of citizens to non-interference in private life.

LLC "F1 Production", understanding the importance of securing your personal data, has prepared this Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy", and the terms of using the website, hereinafter in the text - "Website". Please note that in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy, when you visit the resources of this website, you agree to the rules and requirements of the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the website. If you disagree with the requirements of the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the website, you must leave this website and refrain from visiting it in the future. Storage of your personal data will be carried out by LLC "F1 Production", at the address: Kiev, Boulevard V. Havela. 8. This Privacy Policy is effective from "07" March 2014.

Objectives of collecting your personal data

We collect and use personal data (including name, city of your residence, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) to better provide you with the necessary services and information. Therefore, we can use your personal data to:

  • answer your questions and requests;
  • handle your orders and requests for warranty service, post-warranty service of equipment;
  • regulate or fulfill your obligations in connection with any agreement that you have entered into with us;
  • prevent and solve problems associated with any goods and services that we provide to you;
  • promptly respond to your possible complaints related to the shortcomings of the services provided to you.
  • to optimize our services, we can use your personal data during the provision of services (including providing information about services by sending SMS and e-mail);

Except as provided in this privacy policy, we will not disclose any of your personal information unless we are required to do so by law (for example, if required during a lawsuit or for the prevention of fraud or other crime). Be sure that we will not use your information for any purpose, if you tell us that you do not want us to use your information in such a way that information is provided, or later.

Security of your personal data

We appreciate your personal information, so we provide an adequate level of its protection. We implemented technologies aimed at protecting your confidential data from unauthorized access and misuse.

Cookies, using Google Analytics

When using the site, we use cookies to identify the browser of users who visit our site again. For the convenience of using our site, we use the remarketing function, which also uses cookies. You can set your browser to reject all cookies or notify them of sending them. Using Google Analytics, we collect statistics on site visits, such as the pages visited, the number of page views, domains, etc., as well as the addresses of sites visited before and after the portal. Nevertheless, none of these actions is connected with you personally and is measured only in the aggregate. Using this information helps us to make the site as convenient and useful for you as possible, to support, protect and develop the services of our site.

Additional information and cautions

This website in general, and its individual elements such as (including but not limited to) design elements, author photo materials, articles, program code, databases are protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights", International Normative-Legal Acts , and other acts of Ukrainian legislation. Any other use other than reviewing, downloading and printing the site pages for personal, non-commercial use is prohibited. Copying of information from the site can be carried out only for non-commercial purposes for posting on user pages, blogs, social networks. The copied information should contain a link to this site as a source. To the extent that the law permits, neither LLC "F1 Production" nor any other party that is involved in the creation, production or maintenance of the site is liable for direct, indirect or incidental damage that has ever been inflicted and that have been are caused by the fact that you had access to this site, used it or hoped for it, even if we warned you about the possibility of such damages and losses. When working with a website, you are not granted intellectual property rights on the website itself, nor on its content, or on the use of any branding elements or logos of our website.

I agree with the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of the website, as well as the transmission and processing of my data.

I confirm my adulthood, as well as the absence of any acts restricting my legal capacity.

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