Repair registration

Dear customers, we are sincerely grateful to you for the decision to use the pre-registration repair function!

The function of preliminary registration of the repair is intended solely for the registration of a faulty device, before a visit to a service center or when sent by Novaya Pochta. If you need advice, use the feedback form or online chat. To calculate the repair cost, use the corresponding menu.

The process of preliminary registration of a repair consists of several steps:

  1. Please fill in the form "Preliminary registration of repair", placed below.

  2. At the e-mail address and mobile phone number you specify, a confirmation of registration will be sent and a unique number will be assigned.

  3. Please save this number! It will need to be called or shown when the registered device is transferred for repair, directly at the Customer Service Center.

  4. Choose for the visit the nearest Customer Service Center, or send the faulty technique to us by Nova Pochta.

  5. When applying for warranty, be sure to include a copy of the warranty card and a copy of the receipt (if any).

  6. Recipient details on invoice when sending by New Mail:
    LLC F1 Company, tel. 063 394 85 06
    ЄGRPOU 38981386
    Address: Kiev, branch number 245.

  7. When visiting a service center, inform the diagnostic engineer of the previously pre-registration number.

Preliminary registration form

Attach a file in the format jpeg, png, gif:

The size of the downloaded attachments should not exceed 15Mb!

Passwords on the device, important information

Privacy policy

To ensure that your device is not accidentally damaged during transportation, we recommend that it be transported/transferred, for example, in a carrying case (laptop), or in a case (as a communicator or smartphone) or in a "manufacturer's" packing box.

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