Service center Asus

F1Center carries out warranty and post-warranty repair of equipment of the world manufacturer Asus.

Professional maintenance of Asus equipment

One of the activities of the official service center Asus in Kiev - F1Center is the implementation of warranty and post-warranty maintenance of Asus brand devices of various functionality (laptops, smartphones, tablets). Qualified specialists have certified equipment and original components. Service center Asus guarantees high-quality troubleshooting of various types and levels of complexity, as well as further continued operation of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

In-demand services of the Asus service center

The problem with the health of devices can be of a hardware nature or be associated with software dysfunction. As for the details, they eventually wear out and need to be reinstalled. Incorrect operation of the software may be caused by a failure at the time of the installation of the update, incorrect settings or the presence of viruses.

In the official Service center, Asus is most often accessed for the following tasks:

  • elimination of damage or malfunction of screens, touchscreens, cameras, Wi-Fi, inferiority of the smartphone
  • replacing the matrix, power supply, keyboard, laptop hard drive
  • replacing the motherboard and connectors, reinstalling the operating system in the tablet

Service center Asus in Kiev professionally solves problems of any level of complexity for the minimum period of time.

Types of repair services provided by the official Asus service center

Official Service Center Asus, represented by a team of experienced specialists, performs post-warranty and warranty repair of Asus. Work begins with the diagnosis of devices in order to identify the causes that led to the loss of the full functionality of the product. Next is the elimination of breakdowns with strict compliance with the manufacturer's production cards.

The key advantages of the Asus service center are efficiency, individual approach to each customer and the use of original parts. An important point is the information of the customer about the nature of the breakdown and how to eliminate it. Only when the compromise is reached, the specialists perform the required actions.

Before sending the device to the Service center Asus, it is recommended that customers back up data. In the event that the owner for any reason can not take actions independently, but wants to save the information, you should inform the specialist about this fact.

Service center Asus seeks to provide maximum convenience for customers, so users who are confronted with the problematic operation of technology or devices can count on the proposal of an expedient solution. Thus, if you can restore a part without installing a new one, the wizard will inform you about it.

Service center Asus in Kiev: delivery of devices for repairs

F1Center provides its customers with the ability to transfer a device or equipment in several ways. The user can bring it himself, in advance by filling in the application on the site or by calling the office. But this procedure is not necessary, the masters will accept the technique without any problems. You can also send the equipment with "New Mail"

The repair time depends on the amount of work. In the absence of the required parts, the latter will be delivered by the logistics service in the shortest possible time. For the convenience of clients, it is possible to track the status of the order on the site.

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