Repair Asus smartphones in F1Center

Company F1Center repairs Asus smartphones of any complexity. Repair of Asus smartphones in our service center is a guarantee of uninterrupted service of the device for a long time.

Specialists are ready to repair and restore the smartphone's electronics, replace the part or flip the software. The presence of our own spare parts warehouse provides prompt and high-quality service and an individual approach to each client.

The equipment for performing repair work is fully certified. Our employees regularly monitor the equipment market, track innovations and update the diagnostic and maintenance tools by 10-15% per year.

Smartphone Repair: Reasons

Natural wear, rare, but possible manufacturing defects can cause the smartphone to work incorrectly. The reason may be the user's actions with the software - installation of incorrect settings, the occurrence of a conflict of previously installed and new programs, and others. Masters of F1Center are ready to eliminate any breakdown and repair phones Asus quickly, efficiently, inexpensively.

Most often, the following problems are addressed to the service:

  • the screen is broken;
  • the device spontaneously shuts down
  • the camera is working with errors;
  • Wi-Fi does not work;
  • Touchscreen does not work well

Before performing the service, the wizard will perform diagnostics of the smartphone, identify all the defects and inform the customer about possible ways of their elimination. If you need to replace the part you will be offered the installation:

  • original Asus spare parts
  • or qualitative, but less distinguished analogues.

The trend towards the unification of interfaces and methods started 15 years ago is a modern possibility of using spare parts from different manufacturers without losing the working capacity or quality of the smartphone. Therefore, the market is represented by a large amount of spare parts with very high quality. This allows you to offer you details in a wide range of prices and repair phones Asus (Asus) inexpensively.

We also perform firmware and flashing the smartphone. The need for a flashing is due to an incorrect memory replacement, as a result of which the smartphone is working poorly. If you need to install or reinstall the memory - contact our center and we will help you to replace the memory correctly.

Asus Smartphone Warranty Repair

F1Center is a representative of the all-Ukrainian network of service centers, whose specialists carry out warranty repair of Asus phones in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Warranty repair provides for free maintenance with the replacement of components and restoration of the device. The minimum period for eliminating the defect is 1 day. To put the device into a service you will need:

  • Smartphone
  • the warranty card filled in by the seller (with the stamp of the store, the date of sale and the warranty period);
  • The original packaging.

According to the rules, the client may be refused warranty repair, if:

  • the factory seals of the smartphone are broken;
  • The device has obvious traces of mechanical, chemical, water or any other external influences resulting from improper handling of the device
  • the damage was caused by an unauthorized attempt to repair the smartphone.

The warranty period is specified in the warranty card. The guarantee does not cover the results of natural disasters or force majeure circumstances (for example, voltage drop in the power grid).