Quality Repair of tablets Asus in F1

If the tablet does not work correctly - F1Center can offer you prompt and quality service of any complexity. Repair of tablets Asus in Kiev is made with the help of quality components and on professional equipment. The company is the official partner of Asus for service and can offer you:

  • components from the manufacturer
  • service on the technologies of the manufacturer
  • high quality of services
  • Certified equipment
  • warranty for work performed

The company carries out warranty repair of tablets Asus and post-warranty service. Most often, repairs are needed because of careless handling of the device by the user - impact, fall, moisture. Repair of tablets Asus in the official partner of the company - it's confidence in its technology and its high resiliency!

Features of repair work

Repairs may be performed on general terms (under the price list) or free of charge, subject to availability of a guarantee. To carry out warranty service, you need a warranty card filled out by the store upon sale. The ticket must be filled out and stamped by the seller.

In order to put the warranty on a tablet, you will need:

  • Tablet
  • Warranty Card
  • The original packaging.

For other situations, the tablet itself and your problem description are enough. Own storage of spare parts is the ability to repair your equipment in the shortest time.

Actions before repair:

  • The wizard will perform the diagnostics of the health of the device, identify all the problems that exist, incl. internal problems of electronics, and suggest ways of their elimination.
  • After your agreement with the list of works - he will start repairing the tablet Asus.

Typically, Repair of tablets Asus is:

  • replacement of the part (touchscreen, display, connector, power button, speaker, microphone or motherboard, battery)
  • restoration of working capacity after contact with water

In case if you can not do without replacement parts, you will be offered an original part or a qualitative analogue of a lesser known manufacturer. The wizard will perform the restoration of the part, if possible and appropriate.

Guarantee Features

The warranty gives you the right to free repair and replacement of components, if there are factory defects. The minimum repair period is 1 day. The maximum depends on the amount of work performed.

The customer may be forfeited the right to warranty service if:

  • the integrity of the factory seals is broken;
  • there are signs of interference with the device (attempts to open seals, marks of scratches)
  • repair was needed because of incorrect handling of the tablet (fell to the floor, dropped into the water, gnawed pets)

Damage caused by voltage fluctuations in the power grid, accidents and natural disasters are not covered by the warranty and are serviced in the normal manner.

Repair of tablets Asus: price and terms

The price depends on the quantity and cost of the parts being replaced, the amount of work done, the urgency. The least expensive service is cleaning the tablet. For devices under warranty - the procedure is completely free. Please note that if the integrity of the factory seals is violated, the customer is deprived of the right to free warranty service.

The usual terms of service after the diagnosis and determine the plan of action are 2-3 days. Urgent Repair of tablets Asus in Kiev is performed for 1-3 hours. In order to eliminate the damage was inexpensive - observe the rules of careful handling of electronics.