F1Center Authorized Service

Blackview is a leading manufacturer of rugged phones in the world that can withstand any load and can work for a long time without recharging. Blackview smartphones are shockproof, waterproof and dustproof with hardware capabilities at the level of world flagships.

Blackview is best known for secure devices like BV5800 pro, BV6800 pro, BV5500 pro, BV5500, BV1000.

Gradually, the company attracts more and more attention in Europe and Ukraine and releases more and more interesting and amazing smartphones such as A60, A30, A20, P6000.

Blackview Smartphone Repair

Blackview is a leading manufacturer of rugged phones, but if you still encounter a functioning problem, you should not try to set up the device on your own, but you should contact the F1Center specialists. High-quality warranty and post-warranty repair of your Blackview smartphone (blackview) is possible only in the conditions of an authorized service center.

Any malfunction of Blackview mobile phones is quickly fixed by certified craftsmen who have been trained and have original spare parts available.

The most common types of breakdowns

A cracked screen, broken connectors, camera malfunctions, braking, freezing, rebooting, fast discharge are typical smartphone failures.

We are able to help each client with any complexity of the defect, and therefore we carry out almost all types of repair work on Blackview smartphones:

  • phone display replacement;
  • replacement of glass and / or touchscreen on the phone;
  • replacement or repair of the motherboard of the smartphone;
  • replacement of the usb connector on the phone;
  • recovery after any mechanical damage;
  • cleaning and recovery from liquid;
  • Blackview firmware and recovery;
  • replacing any defective device components.

In the F1Center service center, repairs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Warranty service center Blackview Kiev

You can get preliminary advice by phone or on-line chat on the site, pre-register your appeal on the site before putting the device in for repair, bring your device to us at one of the customer service centers in Kiev without a preliminary call or send it by courier delivery of "New Mail".

The Blackview service in Kiev will identify all problems and fix them as soon as possible. If for any reason the necessary part is not in stock, the logistics service will deliver it in a short time. To monitor the troubleshooting process, you can view the status of the repair on our website by entering the receipt number and serial number, or by scanning the QR code on the receipt received.