F1Center Authorized Service


Every Doogee smartphone has excellent specifications and an optimal price. The manufacturer of smartphones Doogee, which is a division of a large concern KVD International Group, produces a wide range of products - from very simple to fairly advanced solutions. Doogee X5, Doogee X5 Max Pro, Doogee S70, Doogee Mix ... All Doogee phone models are characterized by high-quality assembly and original appearance.


The manufacturing company Doogee cares about its customers. That is why in Ukraine warranty service and service support is carried out through the company F1Сenter, which is the official partner of the manufacturer. The F1Сenter employs experienced wizards who can quickly help troubleshoot, fully restore functionality, and carry out warranty repairs on your Doogee phone. For all customers, there is an option to send phones free of charge from any branch in Ukraine through the courier services Nova Pochta and Justin.


Doogee Smartphone Repair


Perhaps, there is nothing surprising in the fact that no matter how reliable a phone is, from time to time it may malfunction, because electronics is a very complex device. In this case, you should not try to establish the operation of the device on your own, as this can only aggravate the malfunction. Therefore, it is important to turn to specialized specialists for repairs, who not only received appropriate training, but also have branded parts available.


High-quality warranty and post-warranty repair of the Doogee smartphone is possible only in the conditions of our F1Center service center, because our masters have a huge store of knowledge and are technically equipped, which allows them to perform the most delicate manipulations with the device.


F1Center operates in Ukraine, providing fast, professional repair in a short time. You also have the opportunity, through courier services, to send the gadget and get it after the restoration of functionality in the same way. To control the troubleshooting process, you can view the repair progress status on our website by entering the receipt number and serial number.


The most common types of damage


Due to inaccurate handling in Doogee smartphones, the glass cracks, there are damages on the case or even it will stop turning on.


We try to help every client, and therefore we perform almost all types of repair work on Doogee smartphones:

  • phone display replacement;
  • replacement of glass and / or touchscreen on the phone;
  • replacement or repair of the motherboard of the smartphone;
  • replace the usb connector on the phone;
  • restoration after any mechanical damage;
  • cleaning and restoring after fluid has entered;
  • doogee firmware and repair;
  • Replace any faulty device components.

    F1Center service specialists will repair Doogee smartphones in the shortest possible time, thanks to the availability of original spare parts.


Doogee Kiev Warranty Service Center


Overheating of the internal systems of the phone refers to the frequent malfunctions arising in the process of their long-term use. Such a problem may be the result of a battery failure or a malfunction in the processor. After performing the diagnostics, the service center specialists notify the owners of the gadgets about the cause of the breakdown and the cost of repairs. After consent, the device is repaired and the device is restored.


Sometimes there are cases when the phone starts to spontaneously turn off or reboot, not responding to certain actions. The cause of such breakdowns may be software malfunction, virus infection or malfunction in the technical part. After diagnostics, the wizard determines how to perform repairs: by replacing a failed part, by reflashing, etc. F1Center engineers will be able to carry out warranty repairs on your device at the optimum time and at the highest level of quality.