Company F1Center is looking for qualified professionals who are able to work in a team. We invite to cooperation those who are looking for an interesting job, ready to develop themselves and be useful to the company.

Vacation from: 18.07.2018

Engineer for motherboard repairs

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Duties
    • work experience at the infrared soldering station;
      repair Lenovo motherboards (tablets, laptops);
      replacement of BGA chips on soldering station.
  • Personal qualities
    • honesty;
      focus on the result;
  • Terms
    • work in a friendly atmosphere;
      registration according to the labor laws;
      competitive earnings.
Vacation from: 19.06.2018

Engineer of technical equipment

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Requirements/Responsibilities
    • Higher or specialized secondary (technical desirable).
      Knowledge of technical English (colloquial is welcome).
      Knowledge of the PC at the level of a confident user (OC Windows (XP, Vista), MS Office (2003, 2007) package of widespread programs installed on the PC).
      Basic knowledge of the principles of operation of laptops and peripheral computer devices.
      Practical skills of testing, upgrading and installing software.
      Ability to work with user settings.
      The PR at a similar position at the Service Center (welcome).
  • Personal qualities
    • Communication skills.
      Stress resistance.
      A responsibility.
      Easy learner.
  • Conditions
    • Work in a friendly atmosphere.
      Registration according to Labor Code.
      Competitive salary.
      The prospect of growth.
Vacancy from: 20.02.2018

Technical Advisor to Customer Support Group

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Requirements
    • Higher education, secondary vocational education;
      Literacy, clear diction;
      Knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian, English (preferably technical);
      Knowledge of the basic software at the user level;
      Knowledge of the components of laptops, smartphones, tablets (etc.) and the principle of their operation;
      Experience in the service center/technical service. support (preferably).
  • Duties
    • Processing incoming calls;
      Advising users in telephone/written modes;
      Settlement of work situations;
      Maintenance (customer);
      Communication with all departments of the company;
      Work with documents.
  • Personal qualities
    • Stress resistance;
      A responsibility;