Company F1Center is looking for qualified professionals who are able to work in a team. We invite to cooperation those who are looking for an interesting job, ready to develop themselves and be useful to the company.

Vacation from: 16.10.2018

Marketing manager

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Duties
    • Work with contextual advertising (Google Ads),
      Filling a corporate website with information, news,
      Order of promotional products: printing, signage, etc.,
      Work with contractors,
      Maintaining social networks,
      Posting information to Google My Business,
      Organization of events to maintain corporate culture.
  • Requirements
    • Marketing experience,
      General understanding of SEO,
      The desire to work and develop in this area.
  • Personal qualities
    • Creativity;
      Desire to learn.
Vacation from: 18.07.2018

Engineer for motherboard repairs

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Duties
    • work experience at the infrared soldering station;
      repair Lenovo motherboards (tablets, laptops);
      replacement of BGA chips on soldering station.
  • Personal qualities
    • honesty;
      focus on the result;
  • Terms
    • work in a friendly atmosphere;
      registration according to the labor laws;
      competitive earnings.
Vacancy from: 20.02.2018

Technical Advisor to Customer Support Group

Type of employment: Full employment
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  • Requirements
    • Higher education, secondary vocational education;
      Literacy, clear diction;
      Knowledge of Ukrainian, Russian, English (preferably technical);
      Knowledge of the basic software at the user level;
      Knowledge of the components of laptops, smartphones, tablets (etc.) and the principle of their operation;
      Experience in the service center/technical service. support (preferably).
  • Duties
    • Processing incoming calls;
      Advising users in telephone/written modes;
      Settlement of work situations;
      Maintenance (customer);
      Communication with all departments of the company;
      Work with documents.
  • Personal qualities
    • Stress resistance;
      A responsibility;