Warranty repair

F1 Center is an authorized service center for warranty repair of laptops, smartphones, tablets of leading manufacturers. Official support of products of trade marks Lenovo, MSI, etc. throughout the warranty period.

How quickly to pass technics in repair?

Is the laptop broken? Does not work tablet or smartphone?
Authorized service center Lenovo, MOTO, Toshiba, Yamaha, etc. already ready to help in the repair of your equipment. The use of certified equipment and original spare parts in F1 allows us to provide quality and reliable warranty service.

Perhaps the problem with your device can be solved in remote mode. To do this, please contact our call center at 0 800 800 018 (free of charge from all stationary telephones) and you can get detailed advice from anywhere in Ukraine.
                        If you can not do without repair, you can bring the device to one of our Customer Service Centers in Kiev. Send a technician for warranty repairs can also be through the courier service New Mail.


Before the beginning of all work to determine the cause of the failure will be a preliminary diagnosis of the computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
To quickly and efficiently repair phones, repair tablets or repair notebooks in F1Center created a powerful material base. Ensure the process of resuscitation of your device allows an extensive stock of necessary spare parts and highly qualified personnel. 84% of repairs are carried out in a period of one to three working days.

The objective reason for the increase in the repair time may be the lack of the necessary spare parts in the warehouse. The established logistics of the company in this case will make a prompt delivery from the manufacturer in the shortest possible time and you will be notified in advance about the expected date of completion of the repair.

List of equipment to be repaired. Warranty repair

Serviced equipment
Warranty repair
laptops, tabs
Smartphones, tabs
CD\DVD players, receivers, subwoofers, amplifiers, acoustics
Subwoofers, receivers, CD\DVD Players, amplifiers, acoustics
Printers, multifunction devices, projectors, scanners
Home theaters, speakers, subwoofers, receivers, amplifiers
Itel Mobile
laptops, tablets, monoblocks, system blocks, mini-pc, monitors
speakers and speakers
CD\DVD players, receivers, acoustics, amplifiers
laptops, tablets, monoblocks, nettops, PC, monitors, liquid cooling, SSD
subwoofers, receivers, CD\DVD players, amplifiers, acoustics
smartphones, wireless headphones, bracelets, smart watch
Projectors, 3D glasses, wireless adapters
Tecno Mobile
smartphones, tabs, headphones
CD\DVD players, home theaters, acoustics, receivers, amplifiers, record players of vinyl disks

What to take into account during warranty repair

  1. Find out if your device is on warranty service. The warranty period is indicated in the warranty card that is issued upon purchase. In addition, the warranty card must include the serial number of the device and the seal of the store that carried out the sale

  2. It is strongly recommended that you back up important data for you. Because, during the repair process, you may need to reinstall Windows. It is important to remember that neither the manufacturer nor the service center is responsible for your personal information and important data may be lost during the repair.

  3. To hand over the device in warranty repair is necessary in the complete set with the original charger and it is desirable with factory packing. Also, according to the requirements of the manufacturers, the device must not have passwords when it comes to repairs on the operating system or BIOS.

  4. You have the ability to monitor the repair process using the order status tracking form, filling in which you will see the repair phase of the device and the proposed end date.

  5. We draw your attention to the fact that, at your request, we can accept your device in one service center (for example, near your place of work) and issue it, already repaired, in another (on weekends, for example, in an area close to your place of residence ). To do this, you will need to simply warn our experts in advance.

  6. In order to carry out warranty repairs, you must bring your warranty card or other document with the date of sale, serial number and seal of the seller. We also draw your attention to the need to comply with the rules of operation of the product / product, which are described in the instruction manual. Violation of operating conditions can lead to a failure in warranty repair and change the status of repair to non-warranty, i.e. with the payment of the cost of replaceable spare parts and the work of a qualified engineer.

  7. The manufacturer, as a rule, is not liable in cases where you have installed additional components not provided for the independent installation by the manufacturer, and in those cases when the installed components are not recommended by the manufacturer. Also we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the event that the part or component you have installed yourself will lead to the failure of the device as a whole, you may be refused warranty service.

  8. Terms of warranty service for Epson equipment:

    • Availability of a document confirming the purchase and the original completed manufacturer's warranty card;
    • The Epson device should have the lowest ink remaining;
    • The device must be returned for warranty repair complete with the original charger and preferably with the original packaging.

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