Warranty repair of laptops

F1Center is an authorized service center for warranty repair of laptops from the world's leading manufacturers. Official maintenance of trademark technology: Gigabyte, Lenovo, MSI, Toshiba.

Service center for laptop repair

Guarantee repair laptops can only carry out service centers that have authorization from the manufacturer.

F1Center is an authorized service partner of leading companies with a worldwide reputation. Great experience in the market of warranty service and the availability of an extensive technical base allows you to carry out really high-quality repairs of laptops and quickly restore their work.

Repair of laptops Lenovo

Lenovo is the world leader in the IT market. Lenovo laptops are incredibly popular among a wide range of users. Indeed, in the models presented, the cost and quality of the devices are ideally combined. A special pride of the company is the ThinkPad line. F1Center also repairs all ThinkPad models in Kiev.

F1Center is Lenovo's official partner for warranty service for notebooks since 2010. The experience of the company F1 allows you to effectively implement a large number of warranty repairs and at the same time do it qualitatively.

Repair of laptops Toshiba

F1Center implements the official warranty support for Toshiba laptops. Toshiba is one of the three leading world notebook manufacturers in the world and is one of the leaders in the IT industry.

The use of innovative technologies and continuous control of the production process allows the F1 service center to carry out warranty repairs of Toshiba laptops only at the highest quality level.

Repair of laptops MSI

Warranty repair of MSI laptops company F1Center began to be carried out since 2009. At the moment, F1 service center provides official service support for MSI laptops, tablets, monoblocks and nettops.

The technical base and qualified personnel allow carrying out 84% of warranty repairs in a period of three to five working days.

List of equipment to be repaired. Warranty repair of laptops.


Stages of warranty repair laptops

  • Find out if your device is on warranty service. The warranty period is specified in the warranty card that is issued when you purchase.
  • Prepare in advance all necessary documents (warranty card or document, which indicates the date of sale, serial number and seal of the seller).
  • Choose a convenient location for your customer service center or use the courier service.
  • Monitor the repair process using the tracking form.
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